Three Poems




Three Poems




Only one person

in this world believed me.

If I said that I had just come from an old castle

Up in the mountains.

I have a treasure like none else has ever seen,

I have a lot of unique stories

about demons and angels.

Only one person

He no longer exists now,

to tell me what to do

with all these things that

no one can believe its existence !!



It was very possible

that I was  dead now

That I have left this unjust idea

Which is like a jungle

that  smells like camphor and superstition

But  anyway,

I survived.

That was a coincidence

Or by luck

Which  meets a small plant

hidden  under a stone

When the long series of wars were passing

The shot  of the flower

that survives looks good.

It is a movement that will lead to happiness

But the truth

is not always so..

I became just an archive keeper

Of  the ashes of those who are gone

A long time ago

I turn the ashes

Like cold air stirred a wound

and  I mastered my profession

So you blossomed in my heart

Strong emotion

for a single traveler,

In his hand a great record

of torn  love stories

that  spills copious blood

Many horses wander in the wild

after the knights had left.





In the end ...

This battle will stop.

and the fangs of words

will fall off

on the way.

We'll be licking a lot of bites

Which are on our hearts,

Like wild beasts do,

Or leave them like that

as an eloquent sign of regret.

We will shake off,

by the end

Our hands from the dust of excitement.

We smile,

As if we hadn't seen in

the film of our  existence

But pure amazement,

before we get back to you



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