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    Mark Blaisse

    Mark Blaisse is historian, writer and journalist. Since his first book, Anwar Sadat. The last Hundred Days (1981), he have shown a keen interest in the Arab world, its culture, politics, people and religion(s).  He have covered the Iran-Irak war for Dutch television, as well as the civil war in Lebanon (Israeli invasion/Sabra-Shatila massacre in 1982) and spent lots of time researching for his book on terrorism, in Damascus, Beirut and the Beka’a valley.

    In 2019 He published the first comprehensive book in Dutch on Saudi-Arabia, focusing on the period after the arrival of king Salman (2015) and his son MbS. He spent many weeks in the kingdom to unravel a few of the secrets of this closed society. 
    He works and lives in Amsterdam. H have two sons and two grandchildren.


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