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    Dimil Stoilov

    Dimil Stoilov, born in 1948 in Plovdiv, has worked as a journalist for several newspapers and for two of the largest publishing houses in Bulgaria, ‘Hristo G. Danov’ and ‘Hermes’. His works of His short stories have been published on various Bulgarian web sites ‘Liberal Review’, ‘Literary World’, ‘Torch’, ‘Books NEWS’, ‘Cult.bg’, ‘LiterNet’, ‘Public Republic’, including the German web site ‘The-Short-Story’. He is a member of the Union of Bulgarian Writers and the Union of Bulgarian Journalists. A complete chronological list of his books and publishers: ‘Missed trains schedule’, short stories (1986), ‘Infidelity version", novel (1990), ’Outrageously charming, voraciously pretty’, short stories (1998), ’Palatable Man’, short stories (2005), ’The long-distance runner of love tracks’, novel ( 2010), ’The Innocent women of Brussels’, novel (2016), ’The Children of Don Quixote’, short stories (2018).

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