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    Farah Alrajeh

    Farah Alrajeh is an academi, writer, and Doctorate researcher at Sussex University, United Kingdom.. Her research area focuses on the contemporary literature of Iraq in the contexts of war, violence, historical and political upheavals that affected Iraq and the Middle East, particularly in post-2003 US war on Iraq. She is also interested in contemporary English, American, and Black American fiction. She has a postgraduate degree in English literature/American Black novel from the University of Baghdad; a postgraduate degree in literary and critical theories from Kingston University; and is currently doing her PhD on Iraqi contemporary literature in Sussex University. She worked as a lecturer, translator, and a researcher at the University of Baghdad, School of English before moving to the UK to start her Doctoral research. She is a contributing writer, in Arabic and English, in peer-reviewed literary journals such as Textual Practice, Excursions, and other academic journals. During her research period at Sussex, she has given lectures, talks, and presentations in conferences, literary events, and symposiums about the current state of affairs in Iraq and its influence on literature. AlRajeh is also an artist and painter.


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