My promised Meridian



My promised Meridian 


Translated from the Persian by the author


 Could you possibly find the name of the City in my own personal riddle;

The Landmark starts on the hill

And my sculpture is the landmark on Koohsangi Hills

Take the letter "Y" as its name

A thousand miles above the Sea Level

Geographically archived on the life line of my Palms

You know, it's my third gravity

And makes the gravity less.


And this last landmark

As if it's a dreamlike bas-relief on KOOHSANGI HILLS

And here it is 

My footprints on the earth 

Left after me.


Is this the same Geographic Meridian

Or my own promised land?


Now look at my Palm again, notice the heartline

The whole Land mass 

Its Gravity captured me

Triangles are reshaping into a curve

My whole life like the Sharp Winding Geometry of New Labyrinths 

My garments are there

Stuck !


As if there is no pear here

And my dress looks like a pear

But dark


Oxygen of air 

A glass of water 

And how I love you 

Like a lonely cherry

This land had a crush on me!


As massive as that dream

Quite dimentional 

Three dimentional

Like your heartlines

Folded, steamed in the Laundromat 

But this corner is not gonna get creased.


The Landmark at the end of KOOHSANGI Street

Like a tramp I had been trekking the city, every corner of it

Which has given voice to my coughing throat...


Is this the promised meridian 

Or my own promised land?


What's the last memorabilia?

Is it my face whirling in the winds shapelessly?

I'm not there any more but my heartlines there after me...

My whole heart head to foot became the murals of the City

Prickly pears

Prickly pears

When the lines join, your fate's destined

And now I have a new face.


How symmetrical it is!  


The City Mashhad was the answer to my riddle

Very complicated

Never entered my Vagabound mind

And now I'm the poison ivy of KHORSASAN 

My dress over the washing hanging

Growing over the walls of houses, 

One after another

My collective memory could have never found the name of this City!


One thousansd and one nights have passed

I was restless to sleep

But tomorrow 

Would be the first day of my life!


Long after

The city would be a double Cherry

And what would be left after allllll....

My face over the hillllllllllllls........


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