from “Dammi tue notizie e un bacio a tutti” (Interno Poesia, 2018)


Translation of Graziella Sidoli


I want you to know

that you are not here by chance

and it will happen more often

that you will greet the people you love

at the station, and you will not see them

for weeks or months…

You will watch them fall

into the vortex of days,

and you will feel like crying or cursing,

and also crushing windows.

Yet distances are bridges

that cannot separate us,

for we gathered the light

in the well of our eyes,

we visited night’s broken branches.

I want you to know

that you are never alone

and that in every empty inch

there is a crowd moving

and each smile comes

-please remember it-

from the secret fountain of goodness.

Know that we’ll have to ask

the sense of it all, in the end

there won’t be a true ending

and you’ll understand that love

was the only good question,

the only right answer.





The hands of those you love

are wellsprings of light

you hold on to them tightly

through each fall and all storms.

The hands of those you love

are your home your shelter

they are the cables and tunnels

where love flows freely

they are the branches rising

piercing clouds and stars,

they are the bread, the broth

and flights of boats sailing.

The hands of those you love

death itself cannot remove

from your own hands.

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