On Your Breast, By the Cross!



On Your Breast, By the Cross!


Translated By: Reem Ghanayem


Where, by the rock,

have I planted my cross on your breast?


Lost in the clouds, I seek refuge in the soil;

Your breast...

Who waters it with my salty spittle

And with the sweat of the clouds?

Who guards the kisses amassed on its hillside.

and drags those destinies with his ropes?

Who converses with the thief,

and shakes the clouds with the voice of an uncertain god?

Who finds tranquility in the shape of your sunken breast?

Who settles in his land for a time

While  everyone who passes by is a mere visitor?


The milk of the gods does not satisfy my soil’s thirst.

The milk of the gods

Does not

satisfy my soil’s thirst.

On your breast I slumber alone.

Casting off the garment of time,

I speak in private to a god who has fled from here, never to return.

On your breast,

I engrave my words in silence,

As the Universe composes the Pleiades.

On your breast,

Where death is my companion

I am submerged,

Then I revive in you to life.


On your breast,

fleeting kisses take turns putting me to death.

Thus, my burdened cross, come now

and carry me to your future path

and turn my death for you into life.

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