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    Wisam Gibran

    Wisam Gibran is considered one of the finest Palestinian composers of his generation and one of the world’s leading oud players”
    Gibran studied music composition in Moscow, Berlin, and other major cities under world-renowned composers and holds a doctoral degree. He also studied neuroscience at the Universities of Berlin and Haifa.
    He has composed hundreds of pieces for solo instruments, arrangements for voice and instrument, orchestral pieces, and scores for selected films and plays. In his ongoing project to compose music, he has not overlooked the oud, and has re-examined the heritage and musical language of that instrument through modern treatments.
    Gibran has played on the main stages of most of the capitals and major cities of the world. He has received more than 40 international awards and creative scholarships in music, scientific research, and poetry.
    He has published a number of books, studies, poetry and music CDs.
    In 2013, Gibran founded the Gibran Academy of Music and Arts in Nazareth, which he currently directs.
    Published books:
    You are anti-water || Poetry 1998
    • Tarantula || Poetry 2003
    • The Rest is Silence and Stillness: Excavations in the Cabinets of Silence, the Tragedy of Hamlet as a Model || Study 2010
    • The Letters of Pontius Pilate || Arabic translation and introduction to the work by W. P. Crozier 2010
    • Being not Time || Poetry || Jadal Publications, 2019

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