The river of languages


I swim into river of borders

which touches the souls of the ethnic roots.

It reaches the mass without orders,

then gathers the nations to make it understood

and answers achieved by the billion languages.

The river is multi-coloured by initial default.

We all put our toes in and feel the envisage.

The river of languages will float till fulfillment of thoughts.



The life cycle


When the twilight is near

and Master Zeus crosses the flashes.

When the Sonics are clear,

I get back the light from the ashes.

When deep down into eras

our Noah - the master of digits,

had arranged our second Terra,

I get history into widgets.

When the Cosmic is Copa Cabana

and our souls are the species,

we should feel full Nirvana,

we become part of Jesus.



In blue


The royal blue is always so attractive,

it brings tiara to the hair waves of Aphrodite

and deepens to the wisdom of the wind till Balchik.

The blue of Ionic forms the islands,

reins of steam, so glossy active,

they blossom to the icy stalactites.

The blue of Middle sea is lighter then the Baltic,

it opens bridges to the sky.

The blue of Arctic is an icon.

It reaches to the pole of the Atlantic.

The blue is always royal but emphatic.

The blue that enters in the soul.



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