Fragments of Closeness




Fragments of Closeness



to touch



if you could


the gap

the search for a stopgap


a plank


long ago



again something separates





the story you tell


gentle words

that sometimes remove

sometimes add to


the pain of whatever widens

yet seems to narrow





at best you think

you write

a rope bridge


you’d like to bring yourself

to the other side

like to bring

so much to rest




your words


warm leaves in my hands

like a nest


or is it merely your voice

your sound




coming closer


keeping at a closer





when water streams over your skin

you wonder how close it is

the skin

the water


or when a brook floods over grass




the haze

the blur


when coming close

the other face goes out of focus

you close your eyes


you close your eyes


the world vanishes




even when a hand reaches

grazes the cotton

of your sleeve


a slight caress


you didn’t expect


your eyes beckoned




how to tell

in a single image


whoever has vanished


stands on the sidewalk

or is it a riverbank


long ago




you turned away

have turned away

still wait


for that closeness


to come from what separates

and spans


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