Six letters for R. R.



Six letters for R. R.


Six letters for R. R.


Which round number do you prefer?

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From afar it looks like the start of a Balkan film, typical.

Blood. Rain. Trains. Rain.

Well no. Up close it was dry and hot

and we traveled by plane.

not meaning it was any easier on me,

the urge to vomit, regardless of the mode of transportation

Is here. Always here, inside the nostrils.

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The customs officer jeeringly looks at my hair.

No, no – I explain – it’s only in summer that it’s so light,

From the heat, the dry…

He says nothing.

I continue towards the bazar

I have decided. I will sell my skin.

Apparently, there’s been a lack of skin. They pay gold for it here.

They need it for geographical maps. I’ll haggle for a globe.

Can you imagine me lying next to you wrapped in degrees?

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Get this – they bought my hair off for some change as well

They weren’t even sure what to do with it.

We’ll make use of it, we will – he kept repeating – as his wife was nudging him with her elbow

It’s so thin and see through, we’ll use it for something

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The yelling didn’t hurt.

It hurt more that we’re scattered across the world.

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Six letters for R.R.

some men are better loved from afar and via word…



You’ve resolved to come closer

I crossed myself real quick, thanking the Lord

For it being winter

Though the winter brought no snow this year

Which on the one hand suits me, there are no couples’ footprints

I’ve learned long ago,

Symmetry kills creativity, emphasizing mistakes

On the other hand,

The ground without snow looks pitiful

Like a girl with no earrings

Can you even imagine a girl with no earrings?

Me without earrings?

I can’t

As I cannot imagine you close to me, and I want to

I no longer think about myself but of you, of snow

And even then, it’s not because I want to, it’s that they keep interrupting

Once again someone enters me without knocking

Once again someone jumps on top of my head while I think of you

I think I can, in a precise moment of that jump, swiftly move and they’d fall.

I don’t want to, it’s sly. My middle name’s always been “Fool” anyways.


You are here

The winter brought no snow this year

but I hope of a release

I can without trace jump over myself

and tell you a story.

Perhaps a fairytale.

A fable should have a moral.

This way, no deal…






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