Binary star system


The largest known star, a red hypergiant, is called Stevenson.

I would have called her Rebeca. Or Ensar.

There are dwarf and less hot stars that burn slowly, live long, are well preserved.

There are lone stars around which no planet revolves.

Stars that can't sustain life.

The stronger the burning, the faster the stars go out or explode.


Before death, some grow huge. Then, they burst from too much boiling.

There are stars thousands of times bigger and more scorching than the sun.

There are planetary systems around them.

Who knows how many beings say their prayers looking at them.


There are also blue stars, which go out slowly, unknown to anyone.

And there are stars bound together in so-called binary systems.

No one has been able to explain exactly why they rotate together.


When you came into the world I knew that our souls are made to spin like this without purpose

One around the other

Like two humming tops


Maybe the stars whose ashes are now in our bodies made part of such a binary system

And their atoms keep try to recover

What did they know once about life...