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    Zuher Karim

    Zuher Karim is an Iraqi poet, novelist and critic, born in Baghdad in 1965. He lives currently in Brussels. He has published four novels, three short stories collections, a book of travels, and numerous articles in Arab and Iraqi literary newspapers and magazines. His first novel, ‘Heart of Stork’ appeared in 2011. Three years later he published his second novel ‘Hunter of Corps’, then his stories collection entitled A Large Machine Runs Over Pedestrians’  comes in 2017, the other stories collection are; ‘The Sad Musicians’, in 2018, and ‘Romantica’ in 2019. In 2020 he published his third novel ‘The Northeastern Clouds’, ‘Songs of Sand and Mango’ as a travel book, and lately he published his fourth novel: ‘The Saffron Threads’.

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