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    Ivanka Mogilska

    Ivanka Mogilska was born in 1981. She has five published books: the short story collection "This land, that land" (Janet 45 Print and Publishing, 2017); novels "Hideaways" and "Sudden Streets" (Janet 45 Print and Publishing, 2007, 2013); and two poetry collections "Otherwise" and "DNA" (Janet 45 Print and Publishing, 2010, 2004), each one with a national award - for poetry debut and for poetry book of the year from young author. Some of her works are translated into English, French, Russian, Serbian, Hungarian, Farsy and Bangla. 

    She lives in Sofia, works as a copywriter freelancer and takes part as a writer and performer in art actions and performances of Bulgarian digital artists and musicians. Mogilska loves to travel, to read, to collect stories and to do what she loves.










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