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    Lіudmyla Diadchenko

    Lіudmyla Diadchenko born 1988 in Ukraine, she is vice President of Ukrainian Writers Association, Ukrainian literary rating "The Book of the Year" expert, member of World Nations writers' Union (Kazakhstan), Doctor of philosophy (Theory of literature). Scientific interests: mythopoetic, hermeneutics, spatial studios. The author of poetry collections: Fee for Access (2011), The Hen for Turkish Man (2017).   

    Sources of published poems: Porter Gulch Review (USA, 2020), Gargoyle magazine (USA, 2021), Cardenal (Mexico, 2020), Atunis Galaxy Poetry (Belgium, 2020), Dendro Editorial (Peru, 2020), Rendition of International Poetry Quarterly (China, 2020), “Armagan” (Bosnia, 2020), “Shahitto” (India, 2019), Knjizevno pero (Crotia, 2019), “Artkaspi” (Azerbaijan, 2018), «Publishers Weekly» (United Arab Emirates, 2018) others.

    Took place in The 30th Medellin International poetry festival (Colombia, 2020), Chair Poetry Evenings (India, 2020), International Kahramanmarash poetry and literature days (Turkey, 2020), The 6th International poetry festival in Sidi bou Said (Tunisia, 2019), International Fikret Demirağ Poetry Festival (Nicosia-Cyprus, 2019), International Istanbul Poetry and Literature Festival (2017, 2019), The18th International Sapanca Poetry Evenings (Turkey, 2018).

    Some poems translated into English, Spanish, Arabic, Chinese, Georgian, Croatian, Bosnian, Russian, Azerbaijani and Turkish languages.

    Living and working in Kyiv.

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