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    Volha Hapeyeva

    Volha Hapeyeva is an award-winning Belarusian poet who also writes prose,
    drama and occasional books for children, and who collaborates with electronic musicians and visual artists to create audio-visual performances. Her work has been translated into more than 10 languages with poems published in countries including the USA, Austria, Germany, Poland, Russia, Georgia, Lithuania, etc.

    So far she is the author of 12 books in Belarusian, including the most recent books of poetry “words that happened to me” (2020), “Black Poppies” (2019), “The Grammar of Snow”, and the novel “Camel-Travel” (2020). In English there appeared her poetry book “In My Garden of Mutants” (Arc Publication, 2021); in German – a poetry collection “Mutantengarten” (Edition Thanhäuser, 2020) and a novel “Camel-Travel” (Droschl Verlag, 2021).


    Volha also translates poetry from English, German, and Japanese. She holds a PhD in linguistics; her research is in the fields of comparative linguistics, philosophy of language, sociology of the body, and gender issues in culture and literature. She has participated in numerous literary festivals and conferences all over the world and has completed residencies in countries including Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Latvia. Member of the Belarusian PEN-Centre.






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