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    Elka Stoyanova

    Elka Stoyanova was born on October 1, 1975 in Burgas,  Bulgaria. Master of Laws by education and profession, but this does not in the least hinder her literary bias.  An avid reader, poet and writer.

    In December 2009, her debut book of poems "And I Scream" was published. This is followed by the poetic book Anamnesis morbi (2014),  the collection of short stories Friday Stories (2014) and the poetic book Long before Pablo find me (2019)

    He publishes in periodicals, almanacs, literary magazines.   of literary competitions for poetry and prose. In 2011 she won a short story competition, in 2012 he received a prize from the National poetry  competition.

    In 2014, her collection of poems "Anamnesis morbi" won the National poetic award named after great Bulgarian poet Hristo Fotev.   She has been a member of the jury of the Petya Dubarova National Competition for youth several times.

    She is called the "master of the short story", and her sense of humor and self-irony has won thousands of followers.  And if in her prose she shows a cheerful and smiling look at the world around her, the poetry of Elka Stoyanova is revealing, characterized by incredibly rich metaphor,  depth of emotions and strong frankness.

    Member of the Bulgarian Writer Society.

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