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    Bejan Matur

    Bejan Matur is a Turkish poet, author, and columnist. Her first book, Rüzgar Dolu Konaklar (Winds Howl Through the Mansions), won several literary prizes and was followed by two more books in 2002: Ayın Büyüttüğü Oğullar (The Sons Reared by the Moon) and Onun Çölünde (In His Desert). Her poetry has been translated into 24 languages.
    In 2011, Matur wrote a long poem called “İnfinity Watchman” for Reflection on Islamic Art, which was published by Bloomsbury Qatar Foundation. Since 2005, Matur has worked as a journalist, regularly publishing articles and op-ed pieces about Kurdish politics, Armenian news and culture, prison literature and women’s issues. Matur is a former director of DKSV (Diyarbakır Cultural Art Foundation) and has worked with displaced children and women.

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