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    Anita Pajević

    Anita Pajević (1989) is a poet from Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina. She holds an MA in Croatian Language and Literature from the University of Mostar. Her debut collection „Perlinov šum“ (“Perlin Noise”) has won prizes and was met with critical acclaim. Parts of „Perlin Noise“ have appeared in several literary journals in the former Yugoslavia, and Asymptote blog ran early versions of some of the poems from the collection in English translation. Her second book of poetry “Redukcije“ („Reduction“) was published in 2020. Her poems were published in magazines, anthologies and internet portals in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Slovenia, Serbia, USA, Ireland, Greece, France and Romania. She is the editor of Facebook fanzine page „Poeziju na štrikove“ dedicated to the promotion of poetry from Slavic language circle and beyond.

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