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    Kornélia Deres

    Kornélia Deres (1987) is a Hungarian poet, writer, theatre and performance studies scholar.

    She is a lecturer at ELTE University Budapest, and in 2020 a Humboldt Research Fellow at the University of Cologne. She spent three years as assistant professor at Károli University between 2015-18.

    Her first poetry volume, Szőrapa [Terrycloth Father] was published by JAK, association for emerging Hungarian writers. It was awarded with the best poetry debut prize in 2012. Her second poetry volume, Bábhasadás [Crack of the Puppet] was published in 2017 by Jelenkor Publishing House. Besides this, she is author of one monograph on theatre and intermediality (2016), and one children’s book (2018). Her third poetry volume, Box is forthcoming in 2022.

    She is also working as editor at the cultural journal Kulter, literary journal Negyed [Quarter], and theatre book series SzínText. She is running the Amper Workshop for young poets, and Rakpart3 Workshop for young writers of theatre and literature.

    She has been awarded with the Móricz Literary Fellowship (2011), DAAD Research Grant for Young Academics (2013), the Visegrad-OSA Research Grant (2018), and the Humboldt Postdoctoral Fellowship (2020). She also participated in the Visegrad Literary Residency Programme both in Prague (2014) and Budapest (2018). Her poems have been translated to English, German, Czech, Polish, Romanian, and Serbian, among other languages. Her poems have been published in a number of literary journals, such as Asymptote and Denver Quarterly.

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