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    Ida Börjel

    Ida Börjel, poet and translator. Currently lives in Malmö, Sweden.

    In her award winning books of poetry, including Sond (Probe), Skåneradio (Radio Scania), Konsumentköplagen: juris lyrik (The Consumers Purchase Act: juridical lyricisms), and the abcdarian requiem MA, she enquires into and tries to enact our contemporary, linguistic and societal conditions in relation to different forms of authority, sovereignty and juridical systems. For the latest edition of her Miximum Ca Canny The Sabotage Manuals you cutta da pay we cutta da shob, she invited 21 colleagues worldwide to sabotage the manuscript.

    Her latest book with radio plays, Arvodet Marginalintäkten (The Fee The Marginal Income), encircles the language of Economics, and how that dominating language of argumentation in our time affects social distance, and the distance between our hearts.

     Börjel is currently working on translating Valzhyna Mort's Music for The Dead and Resurrected.


    ”Miximum Ca' Canny The Sabotage Manuals” (free download) http://communeeditions.com/miximum-ca-canny-the-sabotage-manuals-ida-borjel/

    Sabotage films:


    Interview by Sohini Basak: http://www.asymptotejournal.com/blog/2017/03/23/12089/



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