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    Aleš Jelenko

    Aleš Jelenko (1986) from Slovenske Konjice (Slovenia) is a two-time finalist of the Festival of youth literature Urška in Slovenia (JSKD), finalist of the Poetry tournament (Publishing house Pivec), winner of the Mentorjev feferon award for the best protest poem of the year (JSKD), winner of the international poetry competition Ritratti di poesia in Rome, Italy (Fondazione Terzo Pilastro) and the winner of the Prešernova award in his home town for extraordinary achievements in literature (Library Slovenske Konjice).

    He is the author of some important books of poetry - Container (Volosov hram, 2016), Primal speech (Kulturni center Maribor, 2017) and (Non)existance (Volosov hram and JSKD, 2018) and also the author of a book with short prose Stories from the underground (Volosov hram, 2020).


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