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    Lenka Kuhar Daňhelová

    Lenka Kuhar Daňhelová (b. 1973, Krnov) is a poet, prose writer, artist, translator, and organiser of cultural events and projects. To date she has published four collections of poetry and one novel; including her translations she has published twenty-two books.

    She has worked as an interpreter and translator from Polish, Italian, and French. Since 2004 she has been collaborating with the literary magazine Pobocza; from 2005–2010 she was its Czech editor. In addition to editing the magazine she also translated Polish, Slovenian, French, Italian, and Slovak poetry into Czech. She was the culture editor for the magazine Navýchod.

    She has had residencies in Poland and Slovenia, and taken part in many international literary festivals and meetings in various countries. 

    In addition to two documentary books – Nové Heřminovy Neu Ebersdorf (2003), Jak žít s

    povodněmi (How to Live with Floods, 2005) – she has also published a novel, Cizinci (Foreigners, 2004), a bilingual Czech-Serbian collection of poetry Neuvršćeno / Nezařazeno (Uncategorised, 2009, translated by Biserka Rajčić), Pozdrav ze Sudet (Greetings from the Sudetes, 2010), Její bolest (Her Pain, 2012), Hořem (Through Grief, 2014) and Jaká nesmrtelnost? (What immortality? 2020). Her poetry and prose have been published in literary magazines in the Czech Republic and abroad.

    Her books include her translations of poetry collections by Franciszek Kamecki (2007), Ryszard Krynicki (2010), Genowefa Jakubowska-Fijałkowska (2011), a novel by Wiesław Myśliwski (2010, 2020), stories by Ida Fink (2012), the autobiographical Kieślowski on Kieślowski (2013), a collection of works by Josip Osti (2013), a selection of poetry by Franciszek Nastulczyk (2014), and a bilingual Slovenian-Czech anthology of contemporary Slovenian poetry, Padesáti hlasy hovořím / S petdesetimi glasovi govorim, which she collected and translated together with Peter Kuhar (I Speak in Fifty Voices, 2013). Other translations include works by Stanka Hrastelj (2015), Mikołaj Łoziński (2015), and Meta Kušar (2017).

    She lives in Beroun near Prague, where she regularly runs an international literary festival with her husband Peter Kuhar – Stranou/Aside: European Poets Live.

    In 2013 the Slovenian Embassy awarded her for her services to Slovenian culture; she is the recipient of the Lirikonov Zlát (2013), given for the best translations from Slovenian into other languages.

    More info on www.lenkakuhardanhelova.cz.


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