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    Mira Feticu

    Mira Feticu (Romania, 1973) made her debut in 1993 as a poet, but has devoted herself to prose since then. In her home country she studied Romanian and French literature, worked as a programme maker for the national radio and did literary research at the Romanian Academy of Sciences.[S1]  Her first short story collection received several nominations. After moving to the Netherlands she got a PhD in literary studies and in 2012 she published her first short story collection in Dutch, “Sweet Child of Mine” (Lief kind van mij), followed by the novels “Kortjakje’s disease” (De ziekte van Kortjakje), “Tascha. The Kunsthal Robbery” (Tascha. De roof uit de Kunsthal) and “All My Fathers” (Al mijn vaders, 2019). This most recent novel, in which Feticu roundly declares her love of literature, was awarded four stars by the Belgian magazine Knack Focus.


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