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    Annelies Verbeke

    Annelies Verbeke is a Belgian author who writes in Dutch. She studied language and literature at Gent University before attending a scriptwriting course in Brussels. In 2003, she gained instant fame with her first novel (Sleep!) when 75,000 copies of the Dutch edition were sold. The story has since been published in 22 countries. The award-winning work was highlighted for the way in which it showed how people with various backgrounds were all looking for fulfillment. Un international success has been coming from her novel (Saving Fish, 2009) which is translated into several languages including German and Danish.

    She published 2015 her best novel ever (Thirty Days), about Alphonse, born in Senegal but raised in Flanders and in love with Kat, has recently moved to the countryside. Alphonse travels throughout the Westhoek region and French Flanders brightening up not just interiors but also their inhabitants. He varnishes parquet and listens to people's sorrows, he hangs wallpaper and whispers advice. He listens to stories about neighbors’ quarrels, infidelity, commercial incompetence, ghostly appearances, and eroticism.

    Verbeke has published also many Short story collections, (Greener Grass 2007),  (Presuppositions 2012).

    Her Other works: (Tirol Inferno 2013),  a prosed poem (Unfinished Landscape 2014). And many other writings.


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