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    Luis AUGUSTO QUIMPER (1967) Piura, Peru.

    He studied secondary school at San Ignacio de Loyola College and obtained a Diploma in Business Administration at the University of Piura. Then he ended up in Belgium to obtain a Masters in Finance at KUL. He now lives in Brussels where he works in finance.

    Always passionate about writing, he attended the writing workshops of Peruvian writers Alonso Cueto and Iván Thays. Then he collaborated in Peruvian literary reviews (Magenta and Pluma libre) before publishing two books:
    • Rutina, Edition Pluma libre, 2010. A collection of short stories which common thread is routine, that pushes the protagonists to hopeless acts.

    • Proyecto de Dios, Edition Altazor, 2013. A novel whose action is located in northern Peru presents two visions of the same Catholic "truth": One progressive, the other conservative and dogmatic, seen through the eyes of a confused teenager. A criticism of intolerance and single truths.
    Fuga de talentos, his latest novel yet unpublished, tells the story of two living Peruvians in Belgium who meet by chance because they work in the same bank in Brussels. One from Lima (the capital), arrogant, ambitious and possibly gay; the other from a small town inside Peru, divorced, insecure and very fond of women. Everything separates them but they are Peruvians and that forges links.

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