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    Mahmoud Wehbe

    Mahmoud Wehbe, is a Lebanese poet and a contributor to the poetic scene in Beirut since summer 2014. Wehbe has participated in a number of poetic events in Lebanon and other Arab countries, in addition to poetry performances in the corners of bars and in the streets of Beirut. Wehbe’s poetry collection, A Boy Chasing a Galaxy was published by Dar Al-Nahda Al-Arabiyya in the summer of 2018, in addition to a second collection of poetry in print titled "It Was Not Love.. But a Joke".

    In collaboration with young poets Zenobia Zhahir and Bassel Al-Amin, Wehbe launched Neizak, an online publication dealing with the conditions of poetry and poets which serves as an electronic archive of contemporary Arab poetry, and has contributed to an art exhibit for several plastic artists in Beirut under the title "Sleeping with the Enemy" by curating relevant poetry selections and coordinating both the poetic and performing aspects of the exhibit.

    He currently assists in the publication of Voices, a poetry that aims to promote emerging Arab poetic voices.


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