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    D.A. Lori

    D.A.Lori (Dolores Atanasova-Lori) was born on 26th October 1974, in Germany. She spent her early childhood in Germany, and then moved to Ohrid, Macedonia, where she lived until she started her studies of English language and literature in Skopje in 1993. She has lived in Skopje since.

    Her first book “Awaking in third person singular”, was published by Blesok in 2014. Between 2013 and 2016, some of her poems were published in Bookbox, off.net.mk, in the book of selected poems “100 000 poets for change” and the e-book “Poetikson”, as well as on the site of Diversity and Slovokult. D.A.Lori’s second book, “Hand in hand with the wind”, was paublished in June, 2016, by Antolog. In 2019, her third book, “A sky in a cage“, came out. In 2019 she also received the “Todor Chalovski” Award and had her book “A wave will come” published by Galikul. Her poems have been translated into Srbian, German, Croatian, Italian and Spanish.



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